Enjoying Switzerland in Morocco

Ifrane city
For backpacker who enjoying Switzerland in Africa. Known African continent filled by arid desert. However Believest that you can enjoy the snow in one small town in this continent?

Is Ifrane, a small town in Morocco with known ski resort with its European style. Moreover, Ifrane has similarities with that country into a paradise for tourists, Switzerland.

Cities with a population of 40 thousand was developed by the French in the 1930s. When looking at the atmosphere of the city there, you will not feel like in the African state.

Winter snow with thick European-style architecture, truly reminiscent of Switzerland. Not surprisingly, this small town is nicknamed his Swiss Africa.

Ifrane is located at an altitude of 5,460 meters above sea level. Building-level, high roof, wide and colorful with red dominance, in contrast with the condition known Moroccan narrow and maze-like streets.

Tracing the history, Ifrane founded 500 years BC. At that time, the city is dominated by the ancient Jewish kingdoms were later called outfrane of the Berber language, which means cave. It is believed that the Jews make Ifrane as a sanctuary of King Nebuchadnezzar. Hundreds of years later, Arabs and Romans found the back of this small town in Morocco.

During the protectorate era, Ifrane is used as an administrative town for the French government. Just as the concept of 'hill station' which is used by the British in India, France interested in the cool climate during the summer in Ifrane.

Later, the French government changed the city into an ideal settlement for European expatriates. The design was made so that the foreign occupants feel like being at home. No wonder very European architectural style to the plants and trees were imported.

When Moroccan independence, the natives moved to Ifrane and start instilling a culture of its own. Enlarge the city, building mosques, public markets and other facilities. Al-Akhawayn prestigious university was founded in the mid-1990s.

Access to Ifrane drivable road and because of its simplicity, Ifrane become a popular tourist destination among local and foreign tourists.

This small town offers snow in summer and winter, free of crime and is one of the cleanest cities in Morocco. In addition, many people who go there to ski.